Rhetoric Analysis
McDonald's: Retaking Power

McDonald’s is lovin’ it: Retaking Power was a cumulation of the information that I had gathered for a semester-long rhetorical analysis. The assignment required that I used at least three rhetorical techniques, as well as secondary resources that discuss rhetoric, the artifact, and/or parallel artifacts and analyses.

When I began exploring McDonald’s “i’m lovin’ it campaign,” I had assumed that McDonald’s was trying to target a more health conscious audience. After researching the campaign, I discovered that McDonald’s is attempting to regain its power position by creating a desire for fun in its global campaign. I used several resources to help me come to my conclusions including two website articles and a collection of advertisement commercials.

The most challenging aspect of this analysis was tying together three different rhetorical techniques, Marxist’s power, psychoanalytic appeals, and cultural analysis. Marxist’s power, which deals with desires for power, and psychoanalytic appeal, which deals with an appeal to desires, tied together so well that it was difficult for me to connect a cultural analysis, which deals with how people address different cultures. When I realized that McDonald’s wants other cultures to have fun the same way people in the United States have fun, I was able to tie in the power McDonald’s receives if they create a fun environment from America and McDonald’s.

I wrote the original document in word and emailed it to my professor as an RTF document. A year later, I redesigned it for a document design class. I added graphics, columns, and other design features with Photoshop and InDesign.