Visual Design

Joseph Rojas asked me to create and oversee his marketing material for a new landscaping company he started, called Joseph's Four Seasons Services. With a partner, I helped to create several documents for Joseph's including several logos, a business card, various letterheads, an invoice, and a brochure.

Logo. Using Photoshop, my partner and I each created several logos that we presented to Joseph. Due to hectic schedules, we met Joseph's place of employment at 6:00 in the morning to demonstrate our logos. He chose the one that he felt most represented his company.

Letterheads. Once he had a logo, we felt that letterheads and business cards would be the next step in his marketing resources because he would need a way to create contacts. Again my partner and I took separate roles; she created the business card while I created the letterheads. I wanted to create several letterheads that he could use for each season. I used Photoshop to manipulate the pictures and InDesign to create the actual letterhead.

Invoice. Although the invoice is not marketing material, we felt that Joseph's Four Seasons could benefit from a well-designed, easy-to-use invoice. It was a challenge, however, to create a well-designed document using Microsoft Excel. Splitting up the pictures and using text boxes gave me the freedom I needed to design the invoice.

Brochure. Early on, we decided that a brochure would be an important document for Joseph's to display the benefits of this company quickly to a lot of people. My partner and I met several times after school to work on this brochure.

We wanted the brochure to have the same feel as these other documents. To do this, we chose fonts that were similar such as Papyrus, which is the font used in the logo. We also decided that using the fading leaves and the sunflower went well with the letterheads. We felt that adding a picture of a family on nicely mowed grass, a well-pruned tree, and beautifully cultivated flowers demonstrated what Joseph's Four Seasons was while maintaining a clean and professional look.

Although we considered that Joseph did not have Adobe on his computer, we decided that we would use InDesign and service contract the document for him. In addition to InDesign, we used Photoshop to modify the pictures and to create the fading leaves. One of our biggest technological challenge was missing fonts when I would try to work on the brochure at different workspaces. To overcome this, I exported the fonts from InDesign onto my jump drive.