Research Proposal

With a partner, I edited a research proposal for Gwyneth Holladay. The project entitled, “Children’s Literature and Mathematics: Use in the Navajo First Grade Classroom,” was designed to explore the possibility of improving Navajo Students’ mathematics skills by using literature. After turning the paper in twice, Gwyneth was unable to receive a passing grade, so she asked if we would edit her proposal. This paper needed major revisions involving adding content, reorganizing paragraphs, improving the visual design, and eliminating mechanical errors.

During this project, we faced several challenges including unclear organization, missing content, and extraneous information. It was a particular challenge to maintain the author’s intent while fixing these problems. By reorganizing the content, we were able to gain a better understanding of the direction this document needed to go, which helped us keep the author’s meaning while improving its readability.

The sample pages included in this portfolio contain a few of our greatest accomplishments in the paper, including reorganizing the example of the orange rind, improving the methodology section, and reformatting the schedule. I have also included the original document and the edited document in their entirety.

During the editing process, we used Gwyneth’s teacher’s comments to make sure that we were fulfilling all of the necessary requirements. In order to make sure we used APA formatting, I researched this style online, which changed the way we formatted the paper. To maintain consistency, we created a style guide for all of the terms and formats that we researched. Once we completed the paper, I wrote a letter to Gwyneth explaining the changes we had made.