Flash Programming

A tool that is continually growing in popularity for web design is Flash programming. In my interactive media class, I had the opportunity to learn how to program using flash. The first program that I created was a program to showcase a new way for Powell's Bookstore's rare book section on the internet. The second program was a rolling disk and ring for which I also wrote a tutorial in HTML.

Powell's Bookstore Prototype. During my interactive media class, the instructor informed us that Powell's Bookstore has a rare book section that was ineffective because it relied on customer reviews to advertise the books. Since these were rare books, no one had reviewed them, so the books were not selling. In addition, the bookstore didn't have the resources to hire an employee to write copy for the books. I was given the task to create a new way to advertise these books.

To create the featured prototype of this site, I first took a screen shot of the website and manipulated it in Photoshop until I knew how I wanted the design of the program to look. By setting up a simple Flash program, I was able to advertise the books visually with little effort from the webmaster. The sample included here contains five frames to showcase five scenes from a book. The user simply clicks on the thumbnail and a larger image appears. Once the program was completed, I exported the swf and placed it in a simple webpage, ready to demonstrate this idea to Powell's Bookstore.

Ring and Disk Tutorial. In the same class, I created the ring and disk tutorial. Prior to creating the Flash program, I used Photoshop as described in the tutorial to create a ring and a disk. This particular Flash program was supposed to be more complicated than the rapid prototype. The instructor taught us to create the rotation frame by frame, which would have required several frames.

In class, the instructor had mentioned that the same thing could be done using programming language. After finding the code, I obtained permission to use this code instead of the frame-by-frame approach. Using the code, I was able to use one frame and cut the time I spent on this assignment in half.

Once I had completed this program, I wrote a tutorial for the entire process in html.