Engineers without Borders

With my interactive media class, I helped redesign Utah State Univerity's Engineers Without Borders (EWB) club's website. The original website lacked the appeal it needed for its audience including the students, faculty, and contributors. The redesign consisted of analyzing the current website, researching comparable websites, presenting a proposal, and implementing the new design.

Recommendation Proposal The class separated into smaller competitive teams to design a proposal for the new website that we presented to EWB members and faculty. For this proposal, I researched possibilities displaying the clubs photographs. I created the photo page that we placed inside the powerpoint presentation. In addition, I coordinated the timing of the powerpoint; between the first two slides we played part of the theme song from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I also presented part of the presentation. Following the oral presentation, I wrote an individual proposal memo.

Implementation When the club had decided which design they wanted to use, the class separated into specialized teams including the technological team, the editing team, and the writing team. I was designated as the asset manager, which meant that I was in charge of gathering and implementing the photographs. Although I wanted to use more fancy web tools that would require database management, I decided that Google would be the easiest way for the club to upload their pictures.

Embedding a slideshow into the website allowed the club to showcase the top ten photos from each album. The viewers could then click on a link to the actual album. I set up the account, designed the photogallery pages, and uploaded all of the pictures. Although I used the Google's embedding code, I also used Dreamweaver and HTML to display the pictures and text the way that I wanted.

In addition to creating the photogalleries, I contacted the USU advancement center and had them create a link for donations. In the original website, the only way for people to donate was through the mail.