Using Macromedia Flash
to Roll Round Objects

Creating the Ring and Disk

Make a disk

1. Select the Marquee tool (shown below). Hold down the shift key and draw a perfect circle.

2. Fill the circle with a color of your choice.
3. Copy/paste the circle onto a new layer.
4. While on the new layer

  1. Select the circle

  2. Click layer>layer Style>Bevel and Emboss

  3. Increase Depth to about 300

  4. Click ok

Save the project as disk01.psd.

Make the ring

1. Use the Magic Wand, Marquee tool (shown below) to select the white space around the disk.

2. Click Select>Inverse.
3. Click Select>Modify>Contrast. Then, type 16 in dialog box.
4. Click delete.
5. Delete the background layer.
6. Click Layer>Flatten Image.
7. Save as Ring01.psd.

Transport the ring to a transparent background

1. Select the ring making certain you are not selecting the inner circle.
2. Copy.
3. Create a new file.
4. Select Transparent from background contents.
5. Click ok.
6. Paste the ring into the new file.
7. Save as ring01.psd.

Repeat the above for the disk.

Importing the ring and disk into Flash

  1. In photoshop create the ring & disk as described above.
  2. Create a layer in Flash called Ring.
  3. Insert a new Keyframe.
  4. Click on File> Import> Import to Stage...
  5. Locate the ring and import it.
  6. Create a layer called Disk.
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 for the disk

Enter the code
For the ring

Enter the following code in the layer for the Ring:

Enter the following code in the layer for the labeled Disk:

(without the smiley face)

Note: Alternatively, you could create several new frames.
Include the code:
r01._y=0, where 0 is the starting point of r01.
Copy the code into each frame slightly increasing the number until you are satisfied with the result.

Repeat this for d01

This takes more work, but will allow the disk and ring to continually roll down the hill.